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BBQ Ribs New Haven CT

BBQ Ribs New Haven CT

If you are looking for real pit smoked BBQ Ribs in New Haven CT you can't beat our New Haven BBQ Ribs. When you choose our BBQ pork ribs or BBQ beef ribs you can be sure that you are getting the best ribs in CT. Of course anyone can claim to have the best ribs, but as one of the top 10 rated BBQ restraints in the US, a ton of positive online reviews and countless happy return customers we feel confident. Of course the only way to know for sure is to come on down to our restaurant and try them for yourself.

BBQ Rib Catering

If you love our ribs (we know you do/will) you don't just have to hog them all for yourself. Share some mouth watering pork ribs and beef ribs with the office or at your next party. We cater BBQ ribs to New Haven CT. Choose our ribs to make your next shindig a real down south experience for you and your guests.

Types of New Haven CT BBQ Ribs


Kansas City Pork Ribs

The Kansas city pork rib is a big and tender sparerib. These delicious bad boys melt in our mouth and bring some big smokey flavor that falls right off the bone.

Baby Back Pork Ribs

These little and lean bad-boys may not be the biggest of our New Haven CT BBQ ribs, but make no mistake they pack a serious smokey punch. Eat a bunch, or mix and match with our other ribs, you can't go wrong with some Baby Back Pork Ribs.

Texas Beef Ribs

Real 100% certified Angus beef. Each of these oversized ribs is a full flavored meal on it's own. Try them with our signature BBQ sauces to put a spin on the immaculately delicious smokey flavor.

Choices, Choices

Whether you want your ribs as a meal complete with sides, just want to chow down on one type or to mix it up and get a few the way you eat your New Haven CT Ribs is up to you. Of course you can mix it up even more by switching up the sides and the sauces. Heck, you could eat our BBQ ribs in New Haven every day for the next year and never run out of flavor combinations. Come on down and try some for yourself.